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If you’ve traveled on the Dan Ryan (I-94) where it splits into I-57 and the Bishop Ford Highway you may have noticed a CTA station that has recently had a world-class face lift: the 95th St. Station. This station is one of the busiest in the entire CTA network. It runs 24/7 serving about 20,000 daily riders and more than 1,000 CTA and Pace buses!

This post is a follow-up to our previous post more than two and a half years ago. Back then, the station was just about to undergo renovations and track excavations were underway. Fast-forward to now, the station is open to the public and is almost complete. Both the north and south terminals have been completely rebuilt, the bridge over 95th St. was expanded, a pedestrian bridge now connects both terminals, and all the bus terminals have been  revamped to reduce congestion.


The 95th St. Station is a significant investment in the South Side with the largest construction project in CTA history! When we invest in our transit system, such as rehabbing transit stations like this one, it has short term and long-term economic benefits. The construction portion of the project is estimated to have created 762 direct jobs and 3,640 indirect jobs. In the long-term, this station will serve as an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago.

Artwork and community involvement are also included in the project. Artwork can be found throughout the station, and the newly opened north terminal will have a “live arts” booth with a PA system that will play throughout the station.

Local artists, public leaders and/or forums, can use the booth. (Photo credit: Office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel)

The RTA staff had a chance recently to visit and inspect the station. From the natural light vibrant red colors throughout, contrasting white masonry, and new turnstiles – everything was taken into consideration and truly impressed the RTA staff. We invite you to come on down and check out the brand-new station and let us know what you think!

The RTA, CTA, Metra and Pace are dedicated to investing in capital projects like the CTA 95th St. Station rehab that benefit the local community and the entire region.

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