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What’s your stop? Which line do you ride? Are you a bus or train rider? Metra, CTA or Pace?  Truly, we know that this is probably the extent of most of your conversations about transit. Or, and we know it happens, you are upset if your “ride” is late.  At the RTA, we ride every day as well so we know that we must offer a reliable, safe system. Because we all have transportation choices.

Each ride is funded by the fares you pay and the sales tax we all pay, so we are all invested in our system.  None of us want our two million daily riders to be back on the roads and we know our system attracts jobs and talent to our region.  That’s the good news.

But, in 2018, we faced serious funding challenges. Sometimes, it’s easier to “show” you these challenges than to “tell” you.  You have probably seen the video we produced this year, inspired by our five year Strategic Plan, Invest in Transit.  We also continued to try to have some fun, talking to riders and producing some “seasonal” videos.  They are not quite as serious but we hope they let you know, we are listening and committed to meeting your expectations.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are!  Enjoy and everyone at the RTA wishes you a very happy and healthy holiday season!


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