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Do you ever notice these signs around a transit location near you? Ever wonder where they come from?

For a number of years, the RTA’s Interagency Signage Program has been leading a collaborative effort with the CTA, Metra, Pace and municipal partners to design and deploy a system of interagency signs designed for transit passengers that may need to transfer between trains and buses.

This year, the RTA made it a little easier for riders to find their way around transfer stations by installing over 130 signs in seven locations throughout the region.  Customers will see new signs at the Museum Campus, Harvey, Lisle, Montrose-Mayfair, Elgin, Lake Cook Road, and Naperville.  The signs help improve physical coordination among transit services in locations where more than one agency is operating and there isn’t a direct line of sight between services.  We know that a little directional guidance goes a long way and people were using the signs before the construction teams were even finished.

The usefulness of our regional transit system depends on the ability of people to transfer between trains and buses. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be confusing, especially for a new rider who wants to make a connection. Our Interagency Signage Program was designed to address such challenges and make transfers between the CTA, Metra and Pace as seamless as possible – not just in places like downtown Chicago or Evanston, but throughout the region.

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