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At the RTA, we pride ourselves on the customer service we offer through our ADA Paratransit program. ADA Paratransit is a shared ride, advanced reservation, origin-to-destination service for individuals who because of their disability are unable to use CTA or Pace fixed route transit service for some or all of their trips.

Pace operates the service, but the RTA manages the eligibility process. Eligibility determinations are made in accordance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and U.S. Department of Transportation ADA regulations, following an in-person interview and functional assessment protocol.

Did you know that Pace provides about four million ADA Paratransit rides a year? That number has essentially doubled since 2006! This service is becoming more important as our population ages.

Since it’s ADA month, we saved a letter from January of this year from Barbara Lakomiak, a customer who went through RTA’s ADA Paratransit application and eligibility process. Her letter shows the process is easy and seamless!

You can see a copy of the letter below and here:

commendation letter - paratransit customer_Page_1commendation letter - paratransit customer_Page_2

If you or know someone who has a disability that prevents them from using the fixed route Pace bus or CTA bus or train services, they may be eligible for ADA Paratransit service. Visit the Paratransit Certification to learn how to apply for the program.

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