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By Emily Egan, Village Planner, Village of Brookfield

The Village of Brookfield started the New Year off right by approving several zoning changes that have been studied over the past two years.  On January 9th the Board of Trustees voted to adopt text and map amendments which will fundamentally update and modernize some key areas in the Village.  The areas are focused around the Village’s three Metra stations, and the zoning changes make it easier to develop high quality buildings that support these walkable, transit-friendly, vibrant neighborhoods.

This project, dubbed “Zoning Modernization” by the Village, is funded by the Regional Transportation Authority’s (RTA) Community Planning Program.  The RTA worked with Village staff and experts in the field to update and modernize our Village’s zoning code.

“Working with the professional and experienced RTA staff has been a great experience.  We would not have been able to research and execute such an extensive and important project without assistance from the RTA’s Community Planning program,” said Brookfield Village Manager Keith Sbiral.  “By adopting the Zoning Modernization ordinance, the Village becomes one of a very small number of communities in greater Chicago with a modern ordinance of this type and we are looking forward seeing the results.”

These changes include a more streamlined permit approval process for property owners and developers, form-based code zoning, and an emphasis on walkability and transit-supportive development.  The changes also updated parking requirements and special and permitted uses throughout the Village.  With these revisions, the Village now has more flexibility to work with the business community to identify ideal land use solutions.

The zoning changes also focused on sustainability and the community.  With redevelopment opportunities available near all of the transit stations, the Village has a unique opportunity to help guide projects to assure they stand the test of time.  A redevelopment project that doesn’t look 10 years or more into the future isn’t a successful project.  The Village staff and Board of Trustees are excited about using this work to direct growth and development in the Village for future generations.





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