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Do you remember the 90’s, the era of Michael Jordan and “must see TV,” when everyone sat down on a couch and watched Friends and Seinfeld at the same time?  The 90’s were the last time that the RTA created what we call “sub-regional transit maps,” with very specific, local information about the region’s transit system.  Pace followed up with county-level maps in the early 2000’s and now we’re updating these local information tools again.  We offer actual easy-to-read hard copy maps (or you can get them on line if that’s easier)!  Sometimes it’s nice to go “old school.”

These new, updated sub-regional maps are created specifically for suburban customers and also provide useful information for riders with disabilities and older adult riders.  The maps include:

  • Pace Dial-a-Ride and Paratransit information with boundaries, hours of operation, eligibility and contact phone numbers;
  • Pace fixed routes with times and days of operation;
  • Metra to Pace connections within each map region;
  • CTA, Metra, and Pace fare information; and
  • Information about Pace Express Service, including Bus on Shoulder service.

As with the RTA System Map used by so many (we get hundreds of requests a year for them) these maps are the only single, comprehensive printed source of local CTA, Metra, and Pace information in the region.

So, where do you get them?  The maps are available at RTA Headquarters and downtown Metra stations, at Pace Headquarters in the suburbs, and at all RTA Mobility Outreach events.  They are also available online at the RTA website.  They will also be circulated by RTA Mobility Outreach Coordinators at presentations throughout the region.  These presentations educate people with disabilities and older adults about the region’s transit services.

We hope you find them useful and encourage you to ride our world class transit system.



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