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We are pleased to report that the Village of Palatine’s recently approved Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan is funded by the RTA’s Community Planning program.  The Plan, which amends the Palatine Comprehensive Plan, includes recommendations that will enhance the downtown area surrounding the Palatine Metra station.  Recommendations include additional multi-family residential development in the blocks surrounding the Metra station as well as improved access to the station for pedestrians and bicyclists. Funding for the $100,000 plan is made up of $80,000 from the RTA’s Community Planning program and $20,000 from the Village of Palatine.

This project is a prime example of the successful allocation of the RTA’s Community Planning program funding. It enhances access to transit and leverages the existing asset of the Metra Station, illustrating the importance of transit in community development.

Specifically, the Plan recommends the continued expansion of varying housing types in downtown Palatine residential developments to provide more housing options for growing population sectors, while also protecting the character of adjacent lower density neighborhoods. Recommendations in the Plan aim to expand the visibility of downtown Palatine to attract new visitors and investment to the Village. The Plan also identifies ways to leverage the compact, walkable layout, and convenience of Palatine’s Metra station to attract new employers and commercial businesses to the downtown.  The RTA will continue to partner with the Village by providing expertise and assistance as the recommendations in the Plan are implemented.

To date, the Community Planning program has completed more than 100 TOD Plans and Implementation Plans since the late 1990’s using a combination of RTA, local and federal funds, totaling nearly $10 million.  For more information about the RTA’s Community Planning program, visit



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