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Broad and diverse. Those two words can be used to describe the needs of the customers and communities we serve, as well as the demographics of the customers. At the same time, Pace buses are operating in downtown Chicago and in rural sections of the collar counties. It’s a challenge that we meet by offering a variety of innovative service types that are also broad and diverse, and I’m extremely proud of the job that we do and of the nearly 1600 Pace employees who rise to meet that challenge every day. As we look ahead toward Transit Employee Appreciation Day, I want to be one of the first to express my thanks and appreciation to all Pace employees and contractors, as well as those of CTA, Metra, RTA and transit agencies across the country.

Every day, our customers rely on Pace to get to work or school, go shopping, visit the doctor or friends, and to remain connected with their community. For many of them, Pace is a lifeline, providing critical access to all of the places our customers need or want to go. Our employees provide this access and do so with a total commitment to safety, reliability and efficiency. The work that our customers and communities do to build a strong local economy allows Pace to develop our aggressive plans to build a network of Pulse lines- our express, arterial bus rapid transit (ART) services that are planned for our region. Later this spring, we’ll launch the first compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered transit buses in the region, and we’re working with our partners at the Illinois Tollway and IDOT to expand our popular Bus on Shoulders operations.

There is a lot going on at Pace as we work to reshape our service model to meet the diverse needs of our customers and communities. I am proud of our commitment to innovation and service, and I want to reiterate my thanks to our employees for that commitment and their hard work on behalf of all our stakeholders throughout northeastern Illinois.

T.J. Ross
Pace Executive Director

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