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They’re here! The new RTA Regional System and Downtown Chicago Transit maps are now available, offering the most up-to-date service routes to help you get to your destination. No more worrying about getting around the region if  your phone or tablet runs out of charge.  Go  “old school!”  The maps fit easily in your purse, book bag or back pocket with the most updated transit route information for Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, Pace, and other transit partners. The downtown maps are especially useful for tourists as they not only provide service routes, but also pinpoint the nearest hotels, Divvy sites and tourist locations. The maps are available throughout the region, including at downtown Metra stations, visitor centers, Amtrak stations and of course, the RTA headquarters, among other locations. If you can’t pick up a map, no worries, you can print a map off the RTA’s website. The Regional System Map is also available in Spanish.

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