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One year ago we launched the Ride On. marketing campaign across the Chicagoland region in coordination with CTA, Metra and Pace.  You may have seen our award-winning ads on TV, websites, social media and in print.  They highlight the ability to make the most of your time and money by taking transit instead of driving.   And, hopefully, they make you laugh as well.

Collaborating with Downtown Partners Communication, the campaign uses humor to juxtapose the real-life pain points of driving, like traffic and parking costs, against the benefits and convenience of riding our region’s transit system.  Who hasn’t tried to decipher a street parking sign to see if  you’ve found  “legal” spot or sat in traffic and watched a train speed by? It’s part of living in our region and it adds up to some big reasons to take transit.

As we move into the second year of the campaign we want to get some feedback from riders, and non-riders, on the campaign. Use the ‘Leave a Comment’ link at the top of this post to let us know what you think of the ads and offer any thoughts you may have about how to continue to get the word out about the benefits of our region’s transit system.

To learn more about the campaign and view additional ads click here.

By Mark Minor, Manager, Market Development

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