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Welcome to Ride On. Here at the RTA, we are committed to providing public transportation riders in our six-county region with a safe, affordable experience for getting to work, connecting with friends and family or exploring all that our wonderful region has to offer.

We started Ride On. to provide a regional, RTA perspective about public transportation in the region. We envision Ride On. as a “transitopia” of sorts,  a place where you can get to know how the important work of the RTA affects you and riders and residents throughout our region.

You’ll probably see articles by me as well as RTA Chairman Kirk Dillard, Communications Director Susan Massel, and other RTA staffers as they share their own knowledge, expertise and perspective.

As we embark on our new digital adventure, we encourage you to share your thoughts and comments by sending an email to   Also, please continue to connect with us  through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All aboard!!! Time to Ride On.

Leanne Redden
Executive Director, RTA

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