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The Village of Palatine, located about 30 miles northwest of Chicago announced plans to develop a transit-oriented development (TOD) plan to enhance the area surrounding its Metra station. The RTA is proud to provide some of its funding. The Plan will review the existing conditions of the Village’s land uses and transportation infrastructure and policies and identify ways to improve rider access to public transportation, while attracting residential and commercial development to the area. Funding for the $100,000 plan is made up of $80,000 from our Community Planning program and $20,000 from the Village of Palatine. The plan is expected to be completed in 2016.

The Village of Palatine will collect data and public input to help determine what enhancements may be recommended for the community. Information will be collected through a focus group consisting of property owners, business owners, and developers, and through 3 public workshops that will focus on the public’s opinion on the redevelopment potential for the area.

The Plan will ultimately make recommendations to guide the Village in further establishing vibrant, transit-oriented development surrounding its Metra station, with special focus on the edges of the downtown area. Recommendations may include multi-family residential development, commercial and retail development, improvements to pedestrian, bicycle, public transit and vehicular circulation around the station, and a revised plan for signage and wayfinding.

This is one of many TOD planning and implementation projects funded through the RTA’s Community Planning Program. To date, the program has completed more than 100 TOD and implementation plans since the late 1990’s using a combination of RTA, local and federal funds, totaling nearly $10 million.

Learn more about the RTA’s Community Planning program.

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