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Signs that fall is becoming winter are popping up all around us: students have  settled into another school year, the Chicago Bears are back on the gridiron and, sadly for most of us, the temperatures are starting to drop. Before long, Chicagoans will be facing another winter filled with bitter cold and snowdrifts.

As you pull the long sleeves and warm clothing out of storage, have you asked yourself how you’re planning to prepare for your winter commute?

Hopefully you’ll steer clear of congested highways or avoid having to dig your car out the snow because you’re among the nearly 40% of households in the region who use public transportation at least once a week..

As Chairman Dillard pointed out in a recent letter to the Chicago Tribune, we are indeed lucky to have a choice on how we get around the region.

The RTA system, comprised of the CTA, Metra and Pace, provides approximately two million passenger trips each day, covering approximately 3,700 square miles throughout the six-county region. To put that number in perspective, imagine if the entire city of Houston took public transportation everyday! That’s how vast, and full of options, our system is for transit riders. Our system is a reliable, safe alternative and is always prepared for the coming conditions. Check out how the CTA gets prepared.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, try taking a car-free challenge for a week and gauge the results for yourself. You’ll find that your commute times are significantly lower, you’ll enjoy the ease of options and flexibility in getting to where you need to go and most importantly, you can just relax. And don’t forget about all the money you’ll save by not having to go to the gas station, pay tolls or pay to park. Plus, did you know taking public transit is linked to improved mental health? It’s true! Studies show that commuters have lower stress levels than those who drive to work. We’re confident that you will notice a difference right away!

Winter is still officially a few months away, but you can start preparing for the change now. Head over to our website for more information along with tools and resources to help you plan your trip. Also, feel free to join the conversation by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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